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"Improving a Public Policy on Employability: Project No.1"

Connecting is one of the leading youth organisations working at local level, Pančevo municipality, and regional level, the territory of South Banat. Since 2013, Connecting has worked with public authorities, young people, business sector and education institutions in order to create a strong cross sectoral cooperation which will, through the implementation of new and innovative solutions, contribute to empowering young people to be active members of their society and economically independent. Particularly great efforts are being made to start the entrepreneurial community in Pančevo, including to create support for young people who would like to become entrepreneurs through advocacy for better support measures at a local level, establishing the first coworking space in Pančevo, organising training and connecting with already successful entrepreneurs. 

"Today, Connecting is one of several organizations from Serbia that holds the certificate of accredited organization for application and improvement of quality standards of youth work accredited by National Association of Youth Workers."

Main objective of the project is to increase youth employability through improving City of Pančevo model of support to vocational high schools, through integration of inovative programme of Project based learning (student companies). Specific objectives include improving public policy on employment of City of Pančevo -  improving a Public call for schools through public speaking campaign and support for schools (students, teachers and headmasters) to apply to the Public call and dissemination of this Public policy to stakeholders in Serbia, and the Western Balkans.


In partnership with: Group for Analysis and Policy-making (Serbia)

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