Association for Environmental Improvement E Group

"The Development of Entrepreneurial and Business Skills at Young People"

Association for Environmental Improvement E group from Zenica was founded in early 2011, with the main goal of working on environmental protection and improvement, contributing to sustainable development and making a positive impact to the quality of life of population in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"The commonly known fact is that a lot of the young population, due to the above-mentioned reasons, go out of their country into existence, in order to achieve one of the basic rights of life, and that is the right to employment. This phenomenon is known as „Brain drain”. The brain drain in other states is not only a local problem, but the problem of the entire country, and also the Western Balkans region. However, it still does not encourage the authorities to finally address this very current problem."

In addition to the general objective, the following goals are also to be met, among them strengthening the capacities of civil society organisations and their impact on making important decisions, providing youth employment support and training on starting their own business, developing entrepreneurial skills and business bases for people living in rural areas and having a lower level of education, giving initiative to the authorities and employment services for the creation of innovative employment programs and raising public awareness of the importance of mutual dialogue between public, private and non-governmental sectors.


In partnership with: Centar za mlade INPUT (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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