Novi Sad Educational Center

"Creation and Actualization of an Innovative Program and Approach in the Employment of Young People, Employability and Creative, Social Entrepreneurship"

The main objectives of the Novi Sad Educational Center are the development of social entrepreneurship and innovation, development and financing youth and start-up entrepreneurship, promotion of youth employment and self-employment, improvement and development of entrepreneurship education, as well as the development of educational programs.

"Youth in the Republic of Serbia, as the target group of this project, is characterized by a prolonged and uncertain transition from the educational system to the labor market. The biggest issue they all meet is the (un)employment. There are many causes of high unemployment; one of them reflects as a problem of a qualification structure that does not meet the requirements of the labor market; there is a great discrepancy between the qualifications required by companies and the practical knowledge of young people they acquire in formal education. On the other hand, the entrepreneurial spirit is not sufficiently developed, that is, the step towards self-employment is unachievable in some cases because it seems bureaucratically too complicated, there is a lack of valid financial literacy amongst young people and not sufficient information on how to get the financial or any other support they need."

Objectives of the project include development of an entrepreneurial culture for young people and promoting examples of good practice by young entrepreneurs and building a positive influence on society and community, implementation of an innovative approach to youth employment, availability of programs and entrepreneurship training for young people from urban areas and youth from remote and rural areas, building partnerships at the local level.


In partnership with: Developmental Centre for Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (Serbia)

Most important results:

Informal youth education

Educating youth and unemployed individuals in keeping their personal financial records.

Promoting examples of good practice of young entrepreneurs, and good economy

Carrying out activities that contribute to popularizing youth entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and all forms of self-employment, by promoting examples of good practices of 

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