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"School for Life Skills"

LEAD is a non-governmental, independent professional organization that strives to improve society through establishing  partnerships between youth and adults, encouraging personal responsibility among the citizens and investing in their personal development. Founden in 2016 by 10 people coming from diverse background who share the idea of making the community a better place for everyone, where young people, in partnership with the adults, actively participate in the social processes,  takŠµ personal responsibility for the current situation, and through continuous personal development, contribute toward better society.

"The main problem that this project will target is the lack and awareness among the young people in the country about the need to acquire life skills. Young people in North Macedonia are rarely given the opportunity to acquire them through the formal education system.  Currently, with 56.4% (Youth and Labor Market, Reactor, 2012), secondary education contains the largest number of young people in the educational process. However, only 22% (Youth and Labor Market, Reactor, 2012) of young people have a successful transition from school to work."

Main goal of the project is to increase the number of young people who have adequate skills for their employment and greater competitiveness on the labor market. Specific objectives include strengthening the capacities of 50 young people with life skills and employment skills, through series of training courses, providing opportunities for retraining, gaining work experience and improving labor market competitiveness for at least 10 young people, by providing them practical work in 10 companies and advocating for the integration of "life skills" in the curricula for secondary education.


In partnership with: Union for Youth Work (North Macedonia)

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