Civil Alliance for Social Inclusion - CASI

"New Practices for a Better Future"

The CASI Association (Civic association for Social Inclusion - CASI) was formed in January, 2013 by 6 associations from Požega, with the aim of jointly engaging with social inclusion of socially vulnerable and marginalised groups. In the previous period, founders' associations dealt with these issues limited to particular target groups: young people, Roma, the disabled, single parents, refugees and displaced persons. By combining resources (human and technical) and knowledge, they think that through joint action they will be more efficient and successful in achieving both the goals of the founders' associations and associations.

"Our mission is to build a society in which all of us have equal opportunities and equal rights, together with people who are in any way at risk and those with whom we share the same values."

The overall goal of the project is to provide better access to the labor market for the youth from Bratunac with a special focus on non-qualified youth and members of vulnerable groups. Specific objectives include establishing a sustainable model of cross-sectoral cooperation in order to ensure training and employment, acquiring appropriate qualifications for unemployed and unskilled workers in target groups.


In partnership with: Eco-rafting club „Rajska plaža“ Bratunac (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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