Step towards the career of your dreams - Company Shuttle (Johnson Matthey)

During December, 2019 we implemented the first activity ''Company Shuttle'', part of the “Step towards the career of your dreams” project, implemented by Youth Can and the student organization IAESTE Macedonia, supported by WEB4YES and the European Union.

Company Shuttle is an international project, part of a program of several IAESTE countries around the world. It is a student-led project - for students, with the main purpose of establishing contact between students and companies. The project allows students enrolled at technical faculties to experience real-life engineering and the problems that come with it, to work on a real project mentored by professionals, and to get in touch with companies that might be their employers or collaborators in the future.

The first Company Shuttle was organized in partnership with Johnson Matthey. This company is the world's leading manufacturer of catalysts for controlling vehicle exhaust emissions.

On 10.12.2019 a visit was made to the company where the participants got acquainted with the techniques and technologies that are applied in their daily work. During the visit facilitated by Johnson Mattheys staff, they gave the participants an informative lecture on the different types of catalysts produced there. Then the mentors presented the challenge, which was related to Delta Robot, more specific how to upgrade it to a 3D printer.

For the next two weeks the teams had a task to find the most suitable solution. During these two weeks, on 19.12.2019, another meeting was organized with the participants. The goal of the meeting was for the teams to present the progress and share what problems they encountered during the work.

The closing event of the first Company Shuttle was held on 24.12.2019 in Johnson Matthey, where the solutions were presented by the teams and the winner was selected.

In the upcoming months, in March and April, it is planned to implement the activity in two more companies from different sectors.

The European Union support for the project does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the EU cannot be held responsible or any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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