The Local Action Plan for Youth

Within the project "Entrepreneurship for Young People - Join Now!!" implemented by the NGOs Cluster Initiative from Kolasin and NGO Light from Mojkovac, in cooperation with the municipalities of Kolasin and Mojkovac, in the previous three months, a Draft Local Action Plan for Youth was written.

The Local Action Plan for Youth is a development document that implements youth care in order to improve the position of youth at the municipal level. This document sets out a comprehensive and coherent youth policy, a work plan and task in implementing the action plan. It is in the interest of young people that all local self-government units, institutions, all citizens' associations and other social community entities contribute to the achievement of common goals through mutual cooperation and joint action. The Local Plan covers areas that have been recognized by the new National Youth Strategy as crucial to improving the overall position of young people in Montenegro, such as:

• Young people achieve economic and social security by facilitating access to the labor market and gaining employment;

• Youth are provided with access to quality education;

• Young people actively, motivated and proactively participate in decision-making, community development and policy making and implementation;

• Young people are in good health, safe, have access to an adequate support system for transition to adulthood and self-realization;

• Young people have access to quality cultural content as creators and consumers;

• An effective normative and institutional framework for youth policy implementation has been established;

The focus of the NGO Cluster Initiative and NGO Svjetlost was to improve conditions for young people who want to start their own businesses and to provide access to quality non-formal education. As part of the activities to develop the Local Action Plan for Youth, a survey was conducted among 100 youth in Kolasin, which showed that 57.58% of young people were considering starting their own businesses after graduation or in the coming period. On the other hand, young people cite the most common causes of starting their own businesses: lack of financial resources (51.96%); lack of support from local government and / or the state (21.57%); disinterest (16.67%); lack of practical knowledge and skills (5.88%); uninformed (3.92%). Measures and projects to address these issues are envisaged through the Action Plan, which is an integral part of the LPAM.

The Local Youth Action Plan for the Municipality of Mojkovac was adopted at the Assembly session held on 25.12.2019. The adoption of Local Action Plan is expected in the next few sessions for the Municipality of Kolašin.

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