“Create Opportunities for Employment and Self-Employment of Marginalized Youth”

During September, SHFWH has organized several meetings with local stakeholders in Kucove, Albania to promote its project “Create opportunities for employment and selfemployment of marginalized youth” under WeB4YES project – Western Balkan Civil Society Organizations for Youth Employment Support and to ensure their collaboration and involvement in the implementation of this project.

The Mayor and the Director of the Social Aid expressed their great interest in the project as a pilot project to be continued by municipal funds in future to prepare youth for work and business environment in order to increase employability and self-employability to fight poverty of marginalized families. The project was publicized in municipal web page with a call for participation of marginalized youth in the project.

The Director of Local Office of Employment was particularly interested to promote the project and was involved in reaching out marginalized youth to participate in the project.

Constructive meetings were also held with Youth Center and several local NGOs like women NGOs and Roma NGOs.

Not less important were meetings with administrators of rural areas of Perondi, Kozare and Lumas and Directory of Education that ensured not only promotion of the project in these areas and reaching out youth, they also were actively involved in identifying youth in need for training and those with less opportunities for education.

The stakeholders expressed their interest in creating a local network of collaboration in support of the project’s initiative and in giving assistance to marginalized youth to be involved in the local market of work and encourage initiatives of start ups in the future.

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