Training of youth in "Self discipline, management, decision making and leadership" Kucove, Albania

During September 25-27th, 2019 SHFWH has organized the second training of marginalized youth in work skills, namely in "Self discipline, management, decision making and leadership " as a part of its project “Create opportunities for employment and self-employment of marginalized youth” under WeB4YES project – Western Balkan Civil Society Organizations for Youth Employment Support. 

60 marginalized youth of urban and rural areas of Kucove, Albania aged 16-30 years, have participated in the training held by experienced local trainer Vinjola Berhanaj. Youth came from families in need especially from rural families and Roma and Egyptian community.  

The training aimed to inform marginalized youth about self-discipline and its management to become work efficient, to teach the process of decision making and the process of becoming a leader in the community regarding activities to enhance marginalized youth employment and self-employment.

The trainer used informal methodology to approach youth for a better and more effective learning. Youth were engaged in info presentation, brainstorming, decision making exercises, team work and video illustrated materials.

The training was successful in introducing the concept of self discipline to participants and ways to improve it; in making youth share their past experiences of successes and failures in employment; in discussing ways to take the best decisions; in team working to reach a joint decision; in understanding the role of the leader versus the role of a boss, and of a community leader that brings changes.  

The participants were actively involved throughout training and the natural leaders came up to further develop in-project activities. Youth leaders proposed to open and manage a dedicated Facebook group within SHFWH official social web page to promote project, create youth network and make possible interaction throughout project period and beyond.

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