Youth Online Work Presentation in "Qirjazi" College

In the frame of Youth Online Work Project, a presentation was carried out on 25th of November, in the premises of "Qirjazi" College, in the Municipality of Kamza.

The project is being implemented under the WeB4YES project – Western Balkan Civil Society Organizations for Youth Employment Support. 

While the project focuses on boosting employability among young people coming from Tirana and Kamza, the activity in cooperation with Kamza Municipality gathered 30 young people coming from suburban areas of Kamza and other interested students from "Qirjazi" College.

The presentation was focused on:

  • Giving a short introduction on the project, project aims and objectives,
  • Providing the young participants with information on the tools that, webpage provides for young jobseekers,  
  • Introducing the young participants with the in-house and online training possibilities that this platform offers,  
  • Offering detailed information on the graphic design course,
  • Other useful information.

Envina Zavalani, Project coordinator gave a summary of the project and introduced the three main courses that the project will develop - graphic design, web design and digital marketing. She also introduced the freelancer concept and the idea behind the Career Guidance course.

Albert Greca, project assistant offered a detailed presentation on the project website:, the contents and the tools that this website offers, like online courses, thematic articles, other useful information, the possibility to create a freelancer profile within the webpage and a space for potential employers  to find skilled young people.

Ajne Muja,  course instructor, gave a short overview on the  graphic design course that will be carried out by her, planned to be implemented first within the project timeframe.   

Considering  that one of the main pillars  of the project involves introducing the freelancer concept, part of the presentation was focused on offering an overview of the freelancer work especially in the field of ICT. Consequently a summary was presented on how this is related to the project and how the career guidance course will support the upgrade of their skills in creating confidence and content for their portfolio to facilitate their integration in the labor market.

Young participants were very interested in the latter and raised many questions that were duly answered by the project team.

The European Union support for the project does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the EU cannot be held responsible or any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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