Association for Democratic Prosperity ZID

ADP-Zid’s vision is a society of equal and responsible citizens oriented towards democracy, social values and the balanced development of the community. We aim to promote and strengthen personal responsibility and active participation of young people, organizations and other stakeholders in society through development and implementation of policies for socially responsible programs and services that contribute to the development and reconstruction of social capital in the community and improving the life quality of citizens and those who are at risk of social exclusion. Today, although young people still remain in the focus of our work on very important programs, ADP - Zid as one of the strongest non-governmental organizations in Montenegro has developed programs oriented towards the quality of life, development and social responsibility of all stakeholders in the community. All of these programs are based on the principles of non-discrimination, lifelong learning and equal opportunities for all, as well as the values that the organization promotes, such as participation, innovation, creativity, solidarity and activism of citizens, especially young people.

Today, ADP - Zid is working on different projects and activities within the following programs:

1. Advocacy and social policy

2. Positive social change in the community

3. Initiatives by the citizens and youth in the community

4. The psychosocial programs 

Goals of the organization:

1. Valorisation and valuing of the volunteer work as an important socio-economical recourse in society. 

2. Improvement of the quality of life and living conditions for equal opportunities for all by supporting citizens and all sectors in society for cooperation and taking responsibility for their personal development and development of the community based on principles of sustainable development.

3. Increased social inclusion, economic stability and status of youth as equal citizens in society.

4. The increased social responsibility of all stakeholders in the community strengthening cooperation between civil society organization and companies and local authority in Montenegro. 

5. Affirmation of the values of regional and EU integration between young people.

6. Contribution to the process of change and development of civil society through initiative and support to adoption of development policies, development of a legal framework and more efficient work of civil society.

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