National Youth Council of Macedonia

The National Youth Council of Macedonia [NYCM] is a youth umbrella organization - a union of associations and foundations in the Republic of Macedonia. NYCM was established on June 30th, 2013 by 55 founding organizations. NYCM is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization.

Since 29th of November 2015, National Youth Council of Macedonia is part of the biggest European platform of youth organizations the European Youth Forum (YFJ).


NYCM is the nation-wide umbrella organization representing organized youth in Macedonia. NYCM gathers 50 organizations: 20 youth organizations, 16 organizations for youth, 1 national youth union organizations, 8 youth wings of political parties and 5 associate member organizations united to promote and advocate for youth rights in Macedonia.

The membership of the NYCM brings together diverse organizations coming from national and regional level, rural and urban areas, student organizations, branches of international organizations, youth wings of political parties and other types of associations. In the process of accomplishing its goals, NYCM represents the interests of the young people in the Republic of Macedonia regardless of their socio-economic position, sex, race, ethnic and cultural background, political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other form of distinction.


The mission of the NYCM is to represent the interests and needs of young people as a link to all relevant stakeholders, as well as to ensure the inclusion and active involvement of young people in the decision making processes on all levels.

NYCM has the following goals:

1. Strengthening the role of the NYCM as a representative body of young people and youth organizations;

2. Stimulating the processes of adequate policy creation enabling the social and personal development of young people;

3. Advocacy and acting on behalf of the interests of young people and youth organizations by representing their interests before the relevant institutions;

4. Uniting and developing the capacities of the youth sector through strengthening and promoting the role of youth organizations;

5. Promoting informal education and encouraging the creation of youth support systems on the local and national levels;

6. Improving the position of young people in society through:

-   Promotion and activities aimed at strengthening youth involvement in the decision-making processes,

-   Promotion of youth activism, youth information and active citizenship among young people;

7. Improving youth equality and treatment, as well as tolerance and democracy in and among young people.


NCYM aims to accomplish its goals through development of policies, expert opinions and educational materials in the area of youth policy and all other areas related to and important for young people; Organising campaigns and raising public awareness activities in areas related to and important for young people; Working on building the capacities of its members; Organising professional meetings, counselling, seminars and other forms of education in the areas of youth policy and other public policies; Publishing publications and other educational materials on topics related to youth policies and other public policies of importance for young people.

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